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Is there a perfect time to sell your house? The short answer is: yes - whenever you're ready!


Market "timing" isn't the only factor that influences how quickly your house will sell or for how much. The preparations you make before listing your house on the market will also have a big impact on your success.


Consider these questions: How well is your house staged? Is it in a good state of repair? Is it priced correctly based on local market conditions? Is it listed and promoted so that all other realtors and their clients understand the advantages your house and neighbourhood have to offer?

Sure, there are peaks and slower cycles throughout the year. In addition, there are economic periods when the real estate market is either heating up or cooling down. But you don't have any control over those factors. Plus, you can never accurately predict exactly where the market is within each cycle.

What you can control is how well you prepare your house for sale and how well you position it's price against the competition so that it's desirable to as many potential buyers as possible.

So when is the best time to sell your house? When you want or need to sell it.

Want to find out how much your house will sell for in today's market? Call The Jay Magnussen Real Estate Team at 403-650-7332, email us, or tweet us your questions.


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